Abnett cittern, front & back
Fretting is in nickel silver and mother of pearl position dots are on both the face and the edge of the fingerboard. The peghead is faced in Rosewood (or to match any other body timber), and fitted with top quality 12:1 ratio enclosed machines. The peghead also features a decorative "horn" which finishes the top of the bouzouki by curving over in a finial. The tail piece is polished chrome and custom made to accomodate both ball and hook end strings. The bridge is Rosewood with a bone saddle which is carefully modelled to compensate for the peculiarities in tuning the bouzouki, particularly the second course, so that the instrument will play correctly and truly at all positions on the fingerboard.
Wherever appropriate, the bouzouki is edged and lined with inlays and purflings of contrasting woods, and around the face of the body a decorative herring bone is inlaid at the edge. To protect the face of the instrument, an optional, thin plastic scratch plate is fitted and this too is decoratively cut and shaped. The Bouzouki is finished and protected with a hand laid hard laquer which can be highly polished or brought to a satin finish.

In recent years, many players have requested the inclusion of a transducer within the bridge so that the bouzouki may be amplified. This may be ordered at extra cost and is a most effective way of boosting the natural sound without distortion of any kind. The transducer is a microstrip requiring no pre-amp, and is installed under a free saddle. There are no visible wires and connection is via a tail button/jack socket.

It is strongly recommended that an instrument of this calibre is fully protected when not in use or in transit. The leading case maker Keith Calton is commissioned to produce a fitted, tailor made case in fibre glass. These cases are beautifully finshed, immensely strong and attractive to look at. Inside they are supportively padded and plushly lined with a variety of colour combinations available.

Abnett tailpiece

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