Bouzouki by Peter Abnett, 1981.

A bouzouki made by Peter Abnett, 1981. I acquired this instrument used, from Hobgoblin in Crawley, England, in 1992. It came with a custom-fitted Calton case.
It has a 65cm scale, and a very narrow neck, only 28mm wide. The neck has an internal, non-adjustable, steel rod for added strength.

The instrument features a semi-round, polyester back, similar to the material used for Ovation guitars. The use of this material gives the instrument a somewhat sharp, brittle sound, but, also similar to the Ovation guitar, the parabolic shape of the bowl-back still gives it plenty volume.

The instrument is fitted with very simple, individual tuners, probably to reduce the weight of the head. The head ends in a rather silly-looking (especially seen from the side) ornament.

The body features a rope-style inlay along the binding of the top. Around the soundhole this rope-pattern is combined with black-and-white rings.
The bridge is one-piece, wood, and strongly indented at the 2 highest string pairs in an attempt to provide proper compensation. This actually turns out to be a bit over the top - especially the A-string pair goes out of tune higher up the neck.

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