Playing the bouzouki in ADAE tuning.

Chords for ADAE tuning.

This page has all the information that is specific to the A,DAe bouzouki tuning. Though not all that common yet, it seems more and more players who focus on melody rather than chords find this tuning more convenient than GDAd or GDAe. One notable player who uses this tuning is Dublin-based bouzouki maker Joe Foley. Also Pete McClelland, owner of the Hobgoblin shop in Crawley, England, uses this tuning on his Manson bouzouki.

Here's a first try at a chord chart for this tuning, which is available in the usual 3 formats:

Plain text:
This gives per line the fingerings and corresponding note names, makes an attempt to name the chord, and occasionally a remark on usage.
This gives chord diagrams for all the chords. Of course it does not contain all the remarks and annotations that the text version has, but it's a lot easier to read.
To use the PostScript file you either need a PostScript printer, or the GhostScript software, which lets you print PostScript on most other printers.
Adobe .PDF format:
For those who already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, the chord diagram files are now also available in .PDF format

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