Books on the bouzouki

"The Irish Bouzouki"
by Niall O'Callanain and Tommy Walsh

contains basic chord charts for GDAD and ADAD tunings, some backgrounds on the instruments, short biographies of the most prominent players, and example tunes from their various styles.
There is a tape available with these tunes, and it really helps you to get your money's worth out of this book.

Waltons Manufacturing Ltd., 2-5 North Frederick Street, Dublin 1, Ireland
Waltons Music Inc., P.O.Box 1505, Westfield MA 01086, USA

"Exploring the Bouzouki"
by Jim Cowdery

This booklet covers playing of tunes in GDAE tuning, so it is probably more useful for those playing the octave-mandola. But it also covers backgrounds of the instrument and useful hints on right-hand technique.
This one also has a cassette with the tunes and examples.

Front Hall Records FHR BP-1001 Book and Cassette.

"Road to Rembetika"
by Gail Holst

covers the history of the Greek bouzouki and its music, the rembetika. Informative, but not too relevant if you want to play Irish music on the instrument.

Anglo-Hellinic Publishers
(As far as I know it's out of print - try a library)

(If anybody knows about other books that might be useful for bouzouki players, I'd like to hear about them. Mail me at the below address)

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