The CITTERN Mailing List.

A mailing list for those who want to talk about the modern incarnation of the cittern and related instruments, as they are currently used in (mostly) Celtic folk music.

[CITTERN has been rehosted at - see below.]

CITTERN is a computerized (currently hosted by Yahoo! Groups, who absorbed the friendlier eGroups) mailing list for those who want to discuss the modern cittern and it's relatives, such as bouzouki & octave-mandola.
The current group of subscribers pretty much has agreed that guitars (even when tuned in one of the accepted Celtic tunings) and mandolins (who have their own coMANDO mailing list) are NOT considered suitable subjects for discussion. Other than that, most aspects of the instrument are open for discussion, such as the various available forms and makes, construction details, playing styles, relevant recordings, history & backgrounds. Membership is currently about 180, but the amount of traffic is still reasonable. Responsible person for this list: Han Speek (yes, that's me).

To subscribe:
Send a message (content and subject do not matter) to "" or visit (in this case you will have to register as a Yahoo! member first).

To post a message:
Messages you want to post to the list go to "" (not to the "cittern-subscribe" address !).

To unsubscribe:
To get off the list, you can send an "unsubscribe" (or "signoff") message to "", not to the list itself, or through the webpage for the list.

If you prefer to receive the list in digest mode, rather than each individual message as it is posted, you can either set the appropriate option through the web interface, or if you subscribed per email you can ask me to change your subscription setting to digest mode.

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