Paul Doyle, Galway.

Here are some pictures that I got from Paul Doyle when I visited his workshop in the summer of 1993. It shows one of his "Deluxe" bouzoukis, which means that it is one of the fancier instruments. The D-shaped soundhole and the triangular headstock inlay are typical for Doyle's instruments.

Paul Doyle "Deluxe" bouzouki (1993)


Here are some pictures of 2 more recent instruments made by Paul, both somewhat more basic than the one pictured above (Paul says he has definitely noticed a decrease in the demand for high-end instruments). The first one is a bouzouki, the second a mandocello. Both show the typical Doyle features: D-shaped soundhole & characteristic, triangular headstock ornament. The thick, heavy-looking but actually hollowed out bridge is also a feature of all Paul's recent instruments.

Paul Doyle bouzouki (1996)

The bouzouki features a teardrop-like outline, rather than the more usual circular body design seen in many modern Irish bouzoukis. It has a decreasing body depth, from neck to endblock, in such a way that the back runs parallel with the strings. This is supposed to increase the volume, and was indeed already used on old Renaissance citterns.

Paul Doyle mandocello (1996)

The mandocello features a similar teardrop-shaped design, except that the body is bigger and the neck joins the body at the 12th fret instead of 15th. Also the inlay round the soundhole is even simpler, and the hole to access the truss-rod is smaller, and not covered. The back is a 3-piece construction, with a very slim middle piece.

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