The IRTRAD-L Mailing List.

A mailing list for those with a serious interest in Irish traditional music.

IRTRAD-L is a computerized (LISTSERV-based) mailing list on the subject of Irish traditional music. It is pretty much a group of "insiders", most are at least involved in making music, either amateur or pro, or are somehow related to the music world. So the discussions usually go a bit further than what you usually see on, the Internet newsgroup on Celtic music. Also, the music that is considered suitable for discussing is narrowed down to Irish/Irish-American music that sticks close to the traditional form. And it's not just CD's that are being discussed, but also concerts, musicians, styles, instruments, history & backgrounds. Membership is currently about 400, who generate about 40 - 50 messages per day (usually more over the weekend). A digest form of the list, with summaries of the most important messages, comes out every month. Responsible person for this list: Peter Flynn ( An archive of all the past mails to the list used to be kept at

To subscribe:
Send a message saying SUBscribe IRTRAD-L
(or IRTRAD-D for the digested form)
to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.HEA.IE (The older address at IRLEARN.BITNET is no longer valid).

To post a message:
Messages you want to post to the list go to IRTRAD-L@LISTSERV.HEA.IE, not to the LISTSERV address above!

To unsubscribe:
To get off the list, you send a SIGNOFF message to LISTSERV, not to the list itself.

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