Cittern/bouzouki makers in Australia & New Zealand.

Also recently discovered (he found me, not I him) is Graham McDonald, all the way from Australia. Makes Bouzoukis, Mandolas, Mandolins, Guitars. Quote from his own words:

"I make 26" (660mm) scale teardrop, or guitar shaped bodied instruments mostly with soundboards bent and then carved and 22"(560mm) teardrop bodied instruments as well as mandolins, mandolas and the occassional guitar."
Graham McDonald
PO Box 365,
Jamison, ACT,
2614, Australia

Phone: +616 251 4372

Another Aussie, who makes short-scale bouzoukis and mandolas, is Malcolm Fielding. As he states himself (quote lifted from his homepage):

"I am a musician, and play traditional music from the Celtic and European traditions on bouzouki, mandola and tenor banjo, both solo and in band and duo contexts. I wanted a short scale length bouzouki to suit my playing style, and to have a similar fret spacing to the Irish style 17-fret tenor banjo. So I designed a short scale bouzouki which has been very successful."
Malcolm Fielding Lace Bobbins,
Oakford Cottage,
Oakfords Road,
Wattle Grove,
Tasmania 7109,

Fax: +3 6295 0835

Davy Stuart works as a full-time luthier in New Zealand, about as remote as you can get from the "Old World". But his instruments travel all over the globe, with customers such as Iain McLeod of the Scots band Shooglenifty, Chris Newman (formerly of the Boys of the Lough) and Tony McManus (and me !).

Davy Stuart, Luthier,
141 England Street,
Christchurch, NZ

Phone: (03)3899814

" Doug Eaton and Dale Jacobsen, working together as Stanley River Music,
build acoustic guitars, mandolins, Appalachian and hammered dulcimers, bowed psalteries and I guess any acoustic instrument, as well as great soft cases for any instrument." reports Bill Flenady (?).

Doug Eaton Lutherie (ex Stanley River Music)
PO Box 456
Qld 4552
Ph: 07 5494 4046
Mob: 0413 843 652 / 0407 129 070

Another antipodean bouzouki maker: Paddy Burgin, based in Wellington, New Zealand. He makes bouzoukis, mandolins and guitars.

Paddy Burgin
72 Hankey Street
New Zealand

Phone/Fax: +64 4 384 5572

Dan Dubowski down in New South Wales, Australia, makes very nice guitars and bouzoukis, employing both traditional and native woods.

Dan Dubowski
14 Bartoman Street
N.S.W., 2730

Phone: (02) 6949 2292


J and C Bushby, or JCB Luthiers as they call themselves, in Tasmania make: mandolins, harps, lyres, guitar, bouzoukis, guitar-bouzoukis.

JCB Luthiers
1 Blowhole Road, Blackmans Bay
Hobart Tasmania

Phone/Fax: (03) 62 292072

Peter Daffy

From his web site:

Peter Daffy has been building fine acoustic instruments since 1992. A one-time apprentice and co-worker of the reknowned mandolin builder Steve Gilchrist, Peter works with the finest craftsmanship to build instruments that not only have remarkable clarity and tonal balance, projection and sustain, but are beautifully crafted and finished.

Peter builds a range of instruments to the highest standards, including copies of vintage guitar styles, as well his own innovative bouzouki designs.

Peter Daffy Stringed Instruments,
PO Box 177, Camperdown,
Victoria, 3260, Australia

Phone +61 3 5593 1045
Fax   +61 3 5593 1044
Mobile +61 417 379 859


Jack Spira

From his web site:

Trained in London, luthier Jack Spira has worked in Australia since 1990. Exploring the variety of tonewoods native to this region, Jack offers a unique range of guitars, Irish Bouzoukis citterns and Mandolins.
Using Australian and more traditional timbers in combination, Jack inlays handmade rosettes and purfling unique to each instrument
All work is carried out in controlled relative humidity. All work is guaranteed.
Jack Spira
80 Kilvington Drive
Emerald, Victoria
Australia 3782

Phone: +61 3 5968 1625


Roger Hartshorn is based in Christchurch, New Zealand, where he builds various types of stringed instruments.

My name is Roger Hartshorn,I am a resident of Christchurch ,New Zealand.I have been making acoustic instruments of various types for a number of years now and would like to share my achievements with you through this home page.
Roger Hartshorn, Luthier,
Christchurch, NZ

Phone: 03-3226474

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