Cittern/bouzouki makers in Canada.

Larry Fisher is mainly a harp maker (and nice ones too !), but he also builds bodhrans, citterns, Appalachian dulcimers. He is also a versatile performing artist.

Larry Allen Fisher
632 Ross Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
Canada  R3A 0M1
Phone/Mach/Fax: (204) 774-7600

Florida Address:
74 Cypress Lane
Fort Myers Beach, FL
USA  33931
Phone: (941) 466-9609


Lawrence Nyberg, like Larry Fisher, is also based in Canada. He builds bouzoukis and acoustic guitars for 7 years now. "Cittern"-list member Ron Reed had already mentioned him to me (but didn't provide address details), and he said the following:

"I've discovered a really exciting builder of bouzoukis. He is a young man who apprenticed with the well-known luthier Michael Dunn and has since struck out on his own. His bouzouki is the best flat-top I've heard from any maker currently building. He uses some innovative techniques borrowed from the classical guitar realm and the Greek bouzouki to produce one extremely LOUD instrument. The neck/body juncture shows a strong Spanish influence. The kerfing around the back of the instrument is a solid lining like on violin-family instruments The kerfing on the soundboard uses different woods in different areas to bring out different sounds. The bracing is derived from Greek instruments. I believe they are superior in every way to the Flatiron instruments and would be a GREAT way to get a less expensive than Sobell, Brock, Smith, etc. instrument that still sounds really good."

Update: message from Lawrence Nyberg himself:

"I am now offering a carved-top option in my line of mandolin family and cittern-based instruments. I am already taking orders for this distinction. The back will still be 'flat'-actually quite a noticeable reinforced dome,as usual. The top wood can be either sitka or englemann spruce with the body dimensions staying relatively the same as for my flat-tops. A sculpted exotic wood cello-style tailpiece for ball-end strings is also featured. This carved-top option of course adds some to the existing prices I quote for the flat-tops.
Lawrence Nyberg,
6320 Bond Rd.,
Hornby Island, B.C.,
V0R 1Z0, Canada.

Phone: (250)335-1727


Bigleaf Mandolins,
Instruments made by Stan Pope.
Bouzoukis, Citterns, Tenor Guitars.

Bigleaf Mandolins
3207 Stonegate Court
West Kelowna

Phone 250 212 6285



Neil Russell / Celtic Cross Instruments

Celtic Cross Instruments/Neil Russell
1441 Jamaica Road
Victoria, B.C.
V8N 2C9 Canada

Phone: (250) 721-0712


Larry Stamm, luthier
fine handcrafted guitars and irish bouzoukis, using mostly local British Columbia harvested tonewoods. His bouzoukis seem to be styled after the Westerman model.

Larry Stamm, luthier
McBride, B.C.

Phone: (250) 569-3385


John Dorman - Dorman Musical Instruments
Makers of a selective range of Celtic Instruments, including: Harps, Uilleann Pipes, Irish Bouzouki, Citterns, Guitars. According to their homepage, harps are currently their main product, but a limited number of orders for fretted instruments and pipes is still accepted.

Dorman Musical Instruments
3602 Caledonia Drive,
Leduc, Alberta,
T9E 6G4,

Phone: (403) 986-0376


Peter Cox, Luthier and Guitar Maker
"Maker of fine hand-crafted guitars, mandolins, citterns, dulcimers and traditional mountain instruments." Makes a variety of Celtic Instruments including bouzoukis and citterns. Also guitars, flat-top or arched, with or without cutaway. Other instruments like dulcimers, banjos, mandolins, etc...

Peter Cox
Midhurst, Ontario

Phone: (705) 726-3784


Peter Sawchyn
Flat-top guitars, carved-top mandolins, mandolas, octave mandolins & mando-cellos. Also budget flat-top mandolins & mandolas.

Sawchyn Guitars
2048 Montague St.
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4T 3J7, Canada

Phone: (306)522-3134


Nathan Curry
Fiddles, mandolins, octave mandolins, citterns, bouzoukis, guitars.

Nathan Curry
483 Cambridge St. S.
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 4H6 Canada

Phone: 613 237 4126


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