Links to Mandolin sites.

The mandolin and it's larger family members (mandola, mandocello) are of course direct relatives, at least in construction, to the cittern and bouzouki. However, like the violin family, they are usually considered melody instruments rather than chordal (though you can of course play chords on them). The usual tuning is, like the violin, GDAE. Here are some useful links to sites that have info on the instrument:

The Mandolin Cafe

This site, either locally or via links to other sites, has loads of info about the mandolin: tab, chords, scales, exercises, info on players, etc.


Like the above site, lots of info, but organized in cyberzine format.

Mandolin virtuoso Simon Mayor's pages.

Need I say more ?

Mark's Mondo Mando Page

Some fun stuff, like animated chord charts & scales (+ instructions how to make them). Also lots of links to other sites.

Club des Mandolines de REMIREMONT

(In French) Site of a French mandolin club. Has some info on the history of the mandolin.

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