Some samples of me playing the bouzouki.

The following samples are currently available:

For those with a lot of patience (or a fast Internet connection) here's a new MP3 file (315k) of both my de Louter bouzoukis, recorded as a multitrack project on my PC.

abnett.mp3 (168k) This is a sample of me playing the Abnett bouzouki. This was actually the first bouzouki sample I made with my new soundcard.

louter.mp3 (100k)This is a sample of me playing my newest bouzouki - the one pictured in the home page, custom-made for me by Dutch violin maker Hans de Louter. Just a short sample to give an impression of how it sounds.

jig1.mp3 (195k)A sample of how I play jig rhythm. Again the De Louter bouzouki is used.

spuds.mp3 (93k)A first attempt to play a tune on the bouzouki. The tune is a simplified version of the "Little Bag of Spuds", a traditional tune.

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