Caliope House.

(tabbed for Irish bouzouki by Han Speek)

This jig, composed by Dave Richardson of the "Boys of the Lough", is normally played in E. So to play along with most recorded versions you'll need to put the capo on the second fret. In sessions it's frequently played in D, just as I've transcribed it here.

This is probably the most difficult of the tunes I've transcribed up to now.
I use a barre with the little finger across the 2 highest pairs at the 7th fret in the second bar of the A part, and a barre with the index finger, again across the 2 highest pairs, in the 3rd bar of the B part.
Also, contrary to what I usually do, I "don't" use an open string to accomodate the position change. What I do here is use the 2nd finger on the 5th fret, and then half jump, half stretch the 1st finger back to the 2nd fret.
Oh, and what I also do, going back into the A part, is slide back up to the 7th fret with the little finger. But that's just sloppy playing, really :-)

Again, don't play this one too fast - it looses a lot when played at lightning speed !

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