The Lonesome Jig.

(tabbed for Irish bouzouki by Han Speek)

This jig, which can be found as "The Lonesome Jig" on John Williams' first album, but is also often called "The Rolling Waves". Tommy Peoples frequently plays this one - in his very own way, of course - but I'm not sure what he calls it.

It is a bit unusual for a jig, as it has a very strong cadence instead of the light-hearted jumpiness that is typical for jigs.
I'd say this isn't a very suitable jig for dancing....

You'll probably notice that I use mainly downstrokes in this tune, very often replacing the upstroke with a hammer or pull. This takes a bit of getting used to, as your right hand has to move in little circles to be ready for the next downstroke all the time. Better try to get this right while you play it "slowly", rather than speeding it up and loosing the proper rhythm !

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