Pay the Reckoning.

(tabbed for Irish bouzouki by Han Speek)

And yet another one for practising your triplets, a jig this time: Pay the Reckoning. It's normally played in G, so in sessions you'd want to use a capo at the 5th position.

I haven't written the triplets all the way through, but you can replace most quarter notes in the B part with them. You can experiment here, see where they fit and where they would obstruct the flow of the tune.
Also experiment with the timing of the triplets. For instance in the first triplet in the A part I tend to stretch the first note, then rush the next 2 notes, while in the second triplet I play all notes equally long and fairly staccato. Lots of other possibilities too :-)
Oh, and I also put something nasty in the first ending of the B part !

Not too fast, please... better work on getting the triplets going first.

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