Han's DADGAD Guitar Page.

Last revised: Nov 27, 2001

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My main DADGAD guitar - Taylor GA-RS

Latest changes:
  • updated the chord chart (all 3 formats); major note-name cleanup and adding some 40 chord shapes.
  • chord grids now available in .PDF format for use with the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • a piece on the theory behind chord scales.
  • some different chord shapes selected for the "chord scale" page, in an attempt to bring theory and practical use together.
My trusty "living room" guitar, good for any tuning - an old solid-top Ibanez

This page is sort of a compilation of all my notes on the DADGAD tuning, collected during many Irish music workshops, and also some that I picked up from the Internet.

At the moment it's rather short and simple: It currently contains

My older but still great "main" DADGAD guitar - Yamaha L-25A

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