My box CD top 10.

(as per June 7, 2005)

Best 10 box solo albums:

"MacMahon from Clare" Tony MacMahon, Mac Mahon Music, MACCD 001, 2000
[A retrospective, with many of his "brothers in music" (as he calls 'em). Great playing as you'd expect from this man. Also a duet with Joe Cooley, recorded at that final session in Lahiffe's Bar in Peterswell, Co. Galway]
"The Pure Box" Colin Nea, CMR Records, CMCD 1073, 1999
[Colin plays the B/C box like a younger Joe Burke]
"Dawn" Andrew MacNamara, , MM------001, 1999
[Clare-man Andrew, also known from the live album he made with the Lahawns, plays an old Paolo C#/D box, and gets the sound I associate with an older generation of box players. Very minimal guitar & percussion accompaniment.]
"Makin' the Rounds" Billy McComiskey, Green Linnet, GLCD-1034, 1981
[Billy's first solo album, and a good one it is.]
"I gCnoc na Grai" Noel Hill agus Tony MacMahon, Gael-Linn, CEF CD 114, 1985
[Box and concertina at full speed, underlined by the sound of feet on a hardwood floor. As good as you can get]
"Cooley" Joe Cooley, Gael-Linn, CEF CD 044, 1975
[I'm afraid this may be all we'll ever hear from him]
"If Anyone Can!" Leo McCann, Canndhu Productions, CANNDHU 001, 2000
[Though now living in Scotland, Leo 's Irish - from Co. Tyrone. He plays a Briggs box in C/C#, and plays quite a few of his own compositions on this album.]
"Meiteal" Seamus Begley & Stephen Cooney, Hummingbird Records, HBCD 0004, 1993
[Seamus on box, Steve on guitar, bass and several other instruments. Especially the bass is a bit obtrusive at times. The last few (live) tracks are top rate, though.]
"Domhnach is Dalach/Many's a Wild Night" Jackie Daly, Gael-Linn, CEF CD 176, 1995
"John Williams" John Williams, Green Linnet, GLCD 1157, 1995
[John Williams on a very polite Saltarelle box and on concertina, with various musical friends]

A fairly complete Irish box discography:

Bob Abrams

"A Fool's Advice" Bob Abrams, Melodeon Music, MM 77166, 1999
"The Spider's Web" Bob Abrams, Melodeon Music, MM 77247, 2003

Brendan Begley

"Crossroads Ceili" Seamus Glackin/Brendan Begley/Michael O'Brien, Chart Records, CHCD 015, 19??
[Remake of the ceili band sound, with Brendan's very precise box playing in a very prominent role]
"We Won't Go Home 'til Morning" Brendan Begley, Kells Music, KM-9510, 1997
[Brendan on Castagnari one-row (cuts like a knife !) and Paolo two-row boxes, also on vocals on a few tracks]
"Beginish" Beginish, Inish Records, INIS001, 1998
[Brendan Begley on box and vocals, here in a setting with flute, fiddle and bouzouki]
"The West of Ireland" Boys of the Lough, Lough Records, LOUGH 007CD, 1999
[Brendan Begley is now (also) a member of this long-standing British/ Irish band. But his box is only prominent in the mix on a few tracks.]
"Stormy Weather" Beginish, Inish Records, INIS002, 2001
"It could be a good night yet!" Brendan Begley, Brendan Begley, CDBOB01, 2002

Seamus Begley

"Meiteal" Seamus Begley & Stephen Cooney, Hummingbird Records, HBCD 0004, 1993
"Ragairne" Séamus Begley & Jim Murray, Dara Records, TORCD 1132, 2001

Paddy O'Brien (Co. Tipperary, R.I.P.)

"The Banks of the Shannon" Paddy O'Brien & Seamus Connolly, Green Linnet, GLCD 3082, 1993
[The original, now dead, Paddy, joined on some tracks by fiddle and piano]

Paddy O'Brien (Co. Offaly)

"Traditional Music of Ireland" James Kelly, Paddy O'Brien, Daithi Sproule, Shanachie, 34014, 1995
[The living Paddy O'Brien, plus fiddle and guitar]
"Stranger at the Gate" Paddy O'Brien, Green Linnet, GLCD 1091, 1988
[The living Paddy O'Brien, backed by guitarist Daithi Sproule. High-tech playing on the B/C box]
"Barefoot on the Altar" Chulrua, Pied Piper Prod., PPP 301, 1999

Paul Brock

"A Tribute to Joe Cooley" Frankie Gavin & Paul Brock, Gael-Linn, CEF CD 115, 1986
"Moving Cloud" Paul Brock, Maeve Donnelly, a.o., Green Linnet, GLCD 1150, 1995
"Foxglove" Moving Cloud, Green Linnet, GLCD 1186, 1998
[sort of a ceili band without drums, but with the box very up-front in the mix.]

John Brosnan

"The Cook in the Kitchen" John Brosnan, ReedBlock Records, JB CD 01, 1996
[A well-reputed repairman and reed tuner, here demonstrating his playing skills on a range of boxes.]

Joe Burke

"Two Champions" Sean McGuire & Joe Burke, Outlet/Homespun Recordings Ltd., PTICD 1014, 1977/199?
[B/C box trendsetter Burke, plus a fiddle player of similar quality.]
"Pure Irish Traditional Accordion With Four Champions" Joe Burke, John Whelan, ..., Outlet, PTI CD 1027, 199?
[High-level box work in the heavy Paddy O'Brien/Joe Burke B/C style]
"The Tailor's Choice" Joe Burke, Green Linnet, GLCD 1045, 1983
"Traditional Music of Ireland" Joe Burke with Felix Dolan, Green Linnet, GLCD 1048, 1983
"Galway's Own" Joe Burke, Outlet Recordings Ltd., COXCD 015, 1991
"Tribute to Michael Coleman" Joe Burke/Andy McGann/Felix Dolan, Green Linnet, GLCD 3097, 1994
"The Funny Reel" Joe Burke/Andy McGann/Felix Dolan, Shanachie, 34016, 1995
"The Bucks of Oranmore" Joe Burke/Charlie Lennon, Green Linnet, GLCD 1165, 1996
"The Morning Mist" Joe Burke/Charlie Lennon, New Century Music, NCMCD 100, 2002

Dermot Byrne

"Dermot Byrne" Dermot Byrne, Hummingbird, HBCD 0007, 1995
[Dermot plays a Saltarelle 2-row in B/C and a D melodeon on this album.]
"2 Worlds|United" Pierre Schryer/Dermot Byrne, Claddagh Records, CCF34CD, 2000
[Dermot on a very dry-tuned box (made by Doug Briggs), joined by Canadian fiddler Pierre Schryer and his band for an international selection of tunes.]

Aidan Coffey

"A Jacket of Batteries" De Dannan, Harmac, HMCD48, 1988
"1/2 Set in Harlem" De Dannan, The Bee's Knees, BKCD002, 1991
"Irlande" Frankie Gavin, Arty McGlynn, Aidan Coffey, Ocora, C 560021, 1994
[Aidan Coffey, of De Dannan fame, with DD leader Frankie Gavin on fiddle, and a solid guitar backing]
"An Bodhran/The Irish Drum" Colm Murphy a.o., Gael-linn, CEFCD 175, 1996
[features the 3 best known ex-De Dannan box players: Jackie Daly, Mairtin O'Connor and Aidan Coffey]
"Seamus Creagh, Aidan Coffey" Ossian, OSSCD 112, 1999
[Former De Dannan boxplayer teams up with Jackie Daly's old partner. Good selection of tunes, with very minimal bouzouki backing.]

Johnny Connolly

"An tOilean Aerach" Johnny Connolly, Clo Iar-Chonnachta, CICD 063, 1993
[melodeon, Connemara style, backed by a pumping piano]
"Driobhall na Fainleoige (The Swallow's Tail)" Johnny Connolly, Clo Iar-Chonnachta, CICD 127, 1998
[Connemara melodeon, with a more varied backing than on his first album]

Johnny B. Connolly

"Bridgetown" Johnny B. Connolly, Green Linnet, GLCD 1217, 2001
[Not related to the other 2 Johnny's, but still pretty good box playing]

Johnny Og Connolly

"Dreaming Up The Tunes" Johnny Og Connolly & Brian McGrath, Clo Iar-Chonnachta, CICD 133, 1998
[Son of Johnny Connolly the melodeon player. Plays B/C system]

Martin Connolly

"Back to Brooklyn" Martin Connolly & Maureen Glynn Connolly and friends, Kincora Records, MCMG2, 1999
[B/C player and maker of the "Kincora" accordion brand.]

Mairtin O'Connor

"Sail Og Rua" Dolores Keane & John Faulkner, Gael-Linn, CEFCD 101, 1983
[features both Mairtin O'Connor and Jackie Daly, with some of their best playing.]
"The Connaughtman's Rambles" Mairtin O'Connor, Claddagh Records, CCFCD26, 1990
"Anthem" De Danann, Dara, DARACD013, 19??
"Ballroom" De Dannan, Green Linnet, 1987
"Song for Ireland" De Danann, Sugar Hill, SH-CD-1130, 1990
[Mairtin on 4 tracks, Jackie Daly on the remaining 8]
"Light and Shade" Skylark, Claddagh Records, CC57CD, 1992
[with a very traditional Mairtin O'Connor]
"All of It" Skylark, Wundertute, CD TUT 72.139, 1989
[this one has more songs, but less O'Connor :-(]
"Perpetual Motion" Mairtin O'Connor, Claddagh Records, CCFCD26, 1990
"A Wind Of Change" Brendan O'Regan, Mulligan, LUN CD 056, 1992
[Mostly plucked strings, but Mairtin O'Connor appears on a few tracks.]
"Angels Candles" Maire Breatnach, SCD 593, 1993
[The fiddle is the main instrument, but it features Sharon Shannon on 5 tracks, Mairtin O'Connor on one]
"An Bodhran/The Irish Drum" Colm Murphy a.o., Gael-linn, CEFCD 175, 1996
[features the 3 best known ex-De Dannan box players: Jackie Daly, Mairtin O'Connor and Aidan Coffey]
"The Black Family" Frances, Michael, Shay, Martin, Mary Black, Dara, CD 023, 199?
"Time for Touching Home" The Black Family, Dara, CD 035, 199?
"What A Time" Shay, Michael & Martin Black, Darte, CD 192, 1995
[Mairtin O'Connor seems to be a friend of the family - he's on all their albums]

Jim Coogan

"Passing Time" Mary and Jim Coogan, Seanaphobail Inc., TR-1126-2, 2002
[Jim, from New York, plays the D/C# system, same as Joe Derrane]

Joe Cooley

"Cooley" Joe Cooley, Gael-Linn, CEF CD 044, 1975
[The legendary box player from Peterswell, Co. Galway. The only album ever released of his playing.]

Jackie Daly

"Music from Sliabh Luachra" Jackie Daly, Green Linnet, GLCD 3065, 1977
"Jackie Daly agus Seamus Creagh" Gael-Linn, CEF CD 057, 1977
[A classic box & fiddle album]
"If The Cap Fits" Kevin Burke, Green Linnet, GLCD 3009, 1978
[Mostly fiddle, but has some interesting tracks with Jackie Daly joining in]
"The Mist Covered Mountain" De Danann, Gael-Linn, CEF CD 087, 1980
"Eavesdropper" Kevin Burke & Jackie Daly, Green Linnet, GLCD 3002, 1981
[Kevin on fiddle, Jackie of course on box. Less inspired playing then on the album Jackie did with Seamus Creagh, but some interesting tunes]
"Buttons & Bows" Jackie Daly, Seamus & Manus McGuire, Green Linnet, GLCD 1051, 1984
[Jackie Daly on box, joined by two well-matched fiddlers. Interesting, though the overall pace is too slow to make it exciting]
"The First Month of Summer" Buttons & Bows, Green Linnet, GLCD 1079, 1987
"Song for Ireland" De Danann, Sugar Hill, SH-CD-1130, 1990
[Mairtin O'Connor on 4 tracks, Jackie on the remaining 8]
"The Best Of De Danann" De Danann, Shanachie, 79047, 1987
"The Star Spangled Molly" De Danann, Third Floor, TFCDBLB5006, 1990
"Grace Notes" Buttons & Bows, Gael-Linn, CEFCD 151, 1991
[A very relaxed Jackie Daly joined by two, obviously classically influenced, fiddle players]
"Sail Og Rua" Dolores Keane & John Faulkner, Gael-Linn, CEFCD 101, 1983
[features both Mairtin O'Connor and Jackie Daly, with some of their best playing.]
"After the Ball" Arcady, Dara, CD 037, 199?
[Jackie Daly was part of their original line-up]
"Domhnach is Dalach/Many's a Wild Night" Jackie Daly, Gael-Linn, CEF CD 176, 1995
"An Bodhran/The Irish Drum" Colm Murphy a.o., Gael-linn, CEFCD 175, 1996
[features the 3 best known ex-De Dannan box players: Jackie Daly, Mairtin O'Connor and Aidan Coffey]
"Patrick Street" Kevin Burke, Arty McGlynn, Andy Irvine & Jackie Daly, Green Linnet, GLCD 1071, 1988
"No.2 Patrick Street" Kevin Burke, Arty McGlynn, Andy Irvine & Jackie Daly, Green Linnet, GLCD 1088, 1988
"Patrick Street 3 - Irish Times" Patrick Street, Special Delivery, SPDCD 1033, 1990
"All In Good Time" Patrick Street, Special Delivery, SPDCD 1049, 1993
[they all have Jackie, what more could you want ?]
"Corner Boys" Patrick Street, Green Linnet, GLCD 1160, 1996
"Live from Patrick Street" Patrick Street, Green Linnet, GLCD 1194, 1999
"Re-Joyce" Maire O'Keeffe/John Faulkner/Jackie Daly/Donal O'Connor, , , 2003

Joe Derrane

"Irish Accordion" Joe Derrane, Beaumex, MBCD 561, 1993
[The original recordings of Joe Derrane, that made him a living legend. Remastered for release on CD, with extensive notes by Philippe Varlet]
"Irish Accordion Masters" Joe Derrane & Jerry O'Brien, Beaumex, MBCD 561, 1993
[Same as above, but with duets with his teacher Jerry O'Brien, and some other work of O'Brien]
"Give Us Another" Joe Derrane, Green Linnet, GLCD 1199, 1995
[Joe's first recording after he was re-discovered. Impressive playing]
"Ireland's Harvest" Joe Derrane/Frankie Gavin/Brian McGrath, Mapleshade Productions, 09232, 2002

Tom Doherty

"Take The Bull By The Horns" Tom Doherty, Green Linnet, GLCD 1131, 1993
[Powerful, old-style melodeon playing.]

Con Ó Drisceoil

"The Square Triangle" The Four Star Trio, Craft Recordings, CRCD02, 1997
"It's No Secret" Hammy Hamilton/Séamus Creagh/Con Ó Drisceoil, Ossian, OSSCD 89, 2001
[Con's playing Jackie Daly's old grey Paolo Soprani on both.]

Finbarr Dwyer

"Pure Traditional Irish Accordion Music" Finbarr Dwyer, Outlet Recordings Ltd., PTI CD 1004, 1994

Eilish Egan

"Reeltime" Reeltime, Green Linnet, GLCD 1154, 1995
[Spirited, if somewhat overly modern music with some good box playing. Eilish plays a 2-voice Briggs box in B/C.]

Joe Fitzgerald

"Hills of Clare" Joe Fitzgerald, , ,
[Self-published CD by one of the 2 brothers mentioned in the famous musicology article about the development of Irish box playing. Available from Custy's in Ennis.]

Patty Furlong

"Traditional Irish Music on Button Accordion" Patty Furlong, , 1999

Bobby Gardiner

"Memories of Clare" Bobby Gardiner, Beaumex Music, BMCD 564, 1995
[An early follower of the Paddy O'Brien B/C style; still this album features a surprising number of tunes played in C - so "press&draw" style.]
"The Clare Shout" Bobby Gardiner, , BG 007, 1998
[Gravitating from the B/C box to the melodeon.]

John O'Halloran

"But why, Johnny ?" John O'Halloran, Bofin Sound, B.S. 101, 1999
"The Dear Little Isle" Inishbofin Ceili Band, Inishbofin Ceili Band, ICB 001, 2002

Charlie Harris

"The Mouse Behind The Dresser" Shaskeen, Faoileann Records, CDFA 3505, 19??
"Irish Traditional Session Music & Song" Shaskeen, Outlet Recording Co, CDIRISH 010, 1999
[Charlie plays on all but the very first Shaskeen albums. Too bad he never recorded a solo album.]

Paddy Hayes

"Return to Kilty" Paddy Hayes & Johnny Ray, Return To Kilty, RTKCD 001, 1999
[Though this is a brand new album, it sounds old-fashioned. A very wet box, probably B/C (though this is not documented) with sober guitar backing. Quite a few own compositions.]

Sheamus Heneghan

"Caught in the Surf" Sheamus Heneghan and Family, Surf Music, SurfCD 01, 2002
[Sheamus plays an old grey Soprani - not sure what key.]

Dave Hennessy

"Phoenix" Any Old Time, Dara Records, DARA CD 025, 19??
"Crossing" Any Old Time, Dara, CD 072, 1995
[features Dave Hennessy on a very antique 19-button box, plus fiddle, guitar and vocals. Check out Dave's own compositions !]

P.J. Hernon

"P.J. Hernon" P.J. Hernon, Gael-Linn, CEF CD 065, 1978/1999
"Beal a'Mhurlaigh" P.J. agus Marcus Hernon, Gael-Linn, CEF CD 141, 1989
"Rabharta" Feenish (Marcus Hernon/Don Stiffe/P.J. Hernon), Feenish Sound, CD FS002, 2002

Conor Keane

"Cooley's House" Conor Keane, ,CKCD01, 1993
"Shifting Gravel" Four Men & A Dog, Special Delivery, SPDCD 1047, 1993
[their second one has Conor Keane on box]
"Many Happy Returns" Arcady, Dara, CD 080, 1996
[Conor Keane replaces Jackie on their second album]
"Oidhreacht" Conor Keane, Coore Records, CKCD 002, 1998
[A real solo album - it's only box. But well played !]

Kevin Keegan

"Irish Accordion - Volume 1" Kevin Keegan, Doghill Records, Doghill 3111, 2003
[This one, published privately by Evo Bluestein, was withdrawn at the request of Keegan's family.]
"The Music of Kevin Keegan" Kevin Keegan, Clo Iar-Chonnachta, CICD 156, 2004
[A compilation of old recordings never meant to be published. Joint effort of Joe Burke, who knew Keegan well, and Keegan's family in Ireland.]

John J. Kimmel

"Early Recordings of Irish Traditional Dance Music" John J. Kimmel, Leader, LEDCD 2060, 1977/1998
[Probably the inspiration for Joe Derrane, these earliest recordings of Irish box playing sound 'old', but the style and tune settings are still very interesting.]

P.J. King

"I was ... flyin' it" Damp in the Attic, Magnetic Music, MMR CD 701, 1999

Johnny O'Leary

"An Calmfhear/The Trooper" Johnny O'Leary, Gael-Linn, CEF CD 132, 1989
"Johnny O'Leary of Sliabh Luachra (Dance Music from the Cork-Kerry Border)" Johnny O'Leary, Craft Recordings, CRCD01, 1995
[Johnny's box, with his regular partner of recent years, Tim Kiely on guitar.]

Sonaí Choilm Learaí

"Irish Traditional Accordion Music" Sonaí Choilm Learaí, Blue Sun, SC 2026, 1997
[Connemara style playing on a red B/C Soprani - but some Paddy O'Brien influence is unmistakeably present.]

Tommy Maguire

"Kiss Me Kate" Liz Carroll & Tommy Maguire, Shanachie, 34012, 1995

Tony MacMahon

"Traditional Irish Accordion" Tony MacMahon, Shanachie, 34006, 1992
"I gCnoc na Grai" Noel Hill agus Tony MacMahon, Gael-Linn, CEF CD 114, 1985
"Aislingi Ceoil/Music of Dreams" Tony MacMahon, Iarla O'Lionaird, Noel Hill, Geal-Linn, CEFCD 164, 1993
[box & concertina, and a few vocal tracks]
"MacMahon from Clare" Tony MacMahon, MacMahon, MACCD 001, 2000

Andrew MacNamara

"Live at Winkles" The Lahawns, Lahawn Music, LM-001, 1997
"Dawn" Andrew MacNamara, , MM------001, 1999
"No Compromise" Andrew MacNamara, , MMCD002, 2001
"Live at Lena's" The Lahawns, Lahawn Music, LM002, 2001
"Open Hearth" Mary MacNamara/Andrew MacNamara, , MAC1, 2004
[Andrew plays an old , greenish-grey, Soprani in C#/D tuning. Lively player, very reminiscent of the old Clare/Galway style of Cooley and Tony MacMahon (who happens to be Andrew's uncle)]

Josephine Marsh

"Josephine Marsh" Josephine Marsh, JM CD 001, 1995
"I Can Hear You Smiling"Josephine Marsh Band, J. Marsh Band, JMB 0002, 2002
[She plays a cheap little Hohner, but makes it sound great]

Mick McAuley

"Dancin' to the Ceili Band" The Bucks, WEA, 4509-96653-2, 1994
[features mostly Mick McAuley, but also Ron Kavana's usual box player, Fran Byrne, on box. Modern variation on ceili band approach.]

Conor McCarthy

"Ace & Deuce" Conor McCarthy & Annemarie McCormack, Twin Records Ireland, TRICD001, 1998
"Selection Box" Conor McCarthy|Alph Duggan, Twin Records Ireland, TRICD002, 2003
"Late... in the Night" Christy Barry ~ Conor McCarthy ~ Cyril O'Donoghue, Clare Airs Records, CARCD001, 2002

Johnny McCarthy

"Solo Run" Johnny McCarthy, Twin Records Ireland, TRICD003, 2002
[Conor's dad, who plays in a wonderful, relaxed style. A pleasure to listen to.]

Billy McComiskey

"The Corner House" The Irish Tradition, Green Linnet, GLCD 1061, 1978
[Billy on box, joined by fiddle, guitar and vocals]
"Makin' The Rounds" Billy McComiskey, Green Linnet, GLCD 1034, 1981
[Billy solo, and on a few tracks with his teacher, the late Sean McGlynn]
"The Times We've Had" The Irish Tradition, Green Linnet, GLCD 1063, 1985
"Trian" Billy McComiskey, Daithi Sproule and Liz Carroll, Flying Fish, FF 70586, 1992
"Trian II" Billy McComiskey, Daithi Sproule and Liz Carroll, Green Linnet, GLCD 1159, 1995
[Billy on box, plus fiddle, guitar & vocals]

Shane Mitchell

"The Boys from Sligo" Dervish, , ,1988
[A pre-Dervish Dervish album, without vocals. But good tunes a-plenty]
"Harmony Hill" Dervish, Whirling Discs, WHRL001, 1993
"Playing with Fire" Dervish, Whirling Discs, WHRL002, 1995
"At the End of the Day" Dervish, Whirling Discs, WHRL003, 1996
[Shane Mitchell is a relative newcomer, but he's good. Love his box sound.]
"Live in Palma" Dervish, Whirling Discs, WHRL004, 1997

Mick Mulcahy

"Mick Mulcahy agus cairde" Mick Mulcahy and friends, Geal-Linn, CEFCD 143, 1990
"The Mulcahy Family" Mick/Michelle/Louise Mulcahy, Shanachie, 78039, 2000

Martin Mulhaire

"Warming Up" Martin Mulhaire, Seamus Connelly, Jack Coen, Green Linnet, GLCD 1135, 1993
[Box, fiddle and flute, with the box a bit too low in the mix]

Donal Murphy

"Barking Mad" Four Men & A Dog, Cross Border Media, CMBCD 001, 1991
[their first album had Donal Murphy on box]
"Sliabh Notes" Donal Murphy, Matt Cranitch, Tommy O'Sullivan, Cross Border Media, CBM CD018, 1995
[Donal Murphy was the original box player of 4 Men & a Dog. Here he plays a very dry-tuned box, which works well against Matt's fiddle. Good songs too.]
"Gleanntan" Sliabh Notes (Donal Murphy, Matt Cranitch, Tommy O'Sullivan), Ossian Publications, OSS CD 114, 1999
[New "theme" album by this trio. Slightly more produced than their first one. Again two good songs.]
"Along Blackwater's Banks" Sliabh Notes, OSS CD 130, 2002
[more of the same, and still good shtuff !]

Colin Nea

"The Pure Box" Colin Nea, CMR Records, CMCD 1073, 1999
[Colin plays the B/C box like a younger Joe Burke]

Charlie Piggott

"The Lonely Stranded Band" Charlie Piggott, Miriam Collins & Joe Corcoran, Clo Iar-Chonnachta, CICD 116, 1996
[box, concertina, bouzouki & vocals, in an attractive blend]
"The New Road" Charlie Piggott & Gerry Harrington, Clo Iar-Chonnachta, CICD 142, 2000
[Box & fiddle, with minimal bouzouki and piano backing. Nice playing, but a bit too clean]

Sharon Shannon

"Room to Roam" The Waterboys, Ensign/Chrysalis, CCD 1768, 1990
[with Sharon Shannon in the line-up - a most unusual album!]
"Sharon Shannon" Sharon Shannon, Solid Records, ROCD 8, 1991
"Angels Candles" Maire Breatnach, SCD 593, 1993
[The fiddle is the main instrument, but it features Sharon Shannon on 5 tracks, Mairtin O'Connor on one]
"Out the Gap" Sharon Shannon, Solid Records/Grapevine, ROCDG 14, 1994
"Each Little Thing" Sharon Shannon, Solid, ROC ??, 1997
"The Diamond Mountain Sessions" Sharon Shannon & friends, Grapevine, GRACD 289, 2000
[with Sharon not too prominently in the foreground]
"Live in Galway" Sharon Shannon & The Woodchoppers, Daisy Music, , 2001
[A hard-to-get-hold-of live album by Sharon and the band she toured with at the time, including her sister Mary on banjo and mandolin.]
"Libertango" Sharon Shannon & Friends, The Daisy Label, DLCD009, 2003
[This one probably a bit modern for the traditionalist, but still interesting - except for the very last track which is totally out of character for Sharon.]
"Tunes" Sharon Shannon/Frankie Gavin/Michael McGoldrick/Jim Murray, The Daisy Label, DLCD011, 2005
[Good tunes by top rank musicians - but the honking of McGoldrick's low whistle is pretty up-front on most tracks.]

Mary Staunton

"Bright Early Mornings" Mary Staunton, Fuschia Music, FM CD 001, 1998
[Mary plays a Castagnari "Tommy" same as Sharon Shannon, which is probably why she sounds similar. She sings too.]

Eoghan O'Sullivan

"Scéal Eile" Gerry Harrington & Eoghan O'Sullivan, Mulligan, LUNCD 059, 1993
"The Smoky Chimney" Gerry Harrington/Eoghan O'Sullivan/Paul de Grae, Faetain, Spin CD 1001, 1996
[Eoghan plays a dry-tuned Saltarelle box in a good selection of Sliabh Luachra tunes.]

Anders Trabjerg

"Boxed" Anders Trabjerg, , 001, 2001
"For the same reason" Anders Trabjerg & Tak Tamura, Openear Productions, at-cd-001, 2004
"Mac Bones and the B Band" same, Openear Productions, mbb-cd-001, 2004
[Anders, from Denmark but living in Galway, plays a 3-voice grey Soprani in C#/D, various melodeons and even a 5-row chromatic button accordion. Stylisticly, he comes very close to the older generation ofGalway box players. He is joined by friends from Denmark and Galway on various instruments.]

John Whelan

"Fresh Takes" John Whelan/Eileen Ivers, Green Linnet, GLCD 1075, 1987
[The old Soprani sound, in duets with star fiddler Eileen Ivers.]
"Pure Irish Traditional Accordion With Four Champions" Joe Burke, John Whelan, ..., Outlet, PTI CD 1027, 199?
[High-level box work in the heavy Paddy O'Brien/Joe Burke B/C style]
"Celtic Reflections" John Whelan, Narada, ND-61052, 1996
[there is a box, somewhere in the mix, but mostly it's drowned in synths]
"Celtic Crossroads" John Whelan, Narada, ND-?????, 1997
[follow-up to above, this time with many guest musicians. Box is a bit more present]
"Come to Dance" John Whelan, Narada, 72438-47070-2-6, 1999
[Now it's trad-time for John ! Except for the bass, all instruments are the ones you'd expect in Irish traditional music. Also a number of his own compositions.]

John Williams

"John Williams" John Williams, Green Linnet, GLCD 1157, 1995
"Steam" John Williams, , ,

Terry Winch

"Celtic Thunder" Green Linnet, CLCD 1029, 1981
"The Light of Other Days" Celtic Thunder, Green Linnet, GLCD 1086, 1988
[these 2 have Terry Winch on D/C# box, a real museum piece]