Conor Keane.

Conor Keane replaced Jackie Daly with Arcady on their latest album, "Many Happy Returns". Before that, he made a solo album, "Cooley's House", and worked with Four Men & A Dog, where he replaced their original box player, Donal Murphy. He also frequently plays with Shaskeen.
Conor plays a box made by Bertrand Gaillard, as far as I know in C#/D.

[I'm just back from this year's Willie Clancy Summer School in Miltown Malbay, and ended up in Conor Keane's box class. He's a very patient teacher, and a versatile box player. His box, the Gaillard, is indeed C#/D, and it was originally built for Jackie Daly, who sold it to Conor when he got his current instrument, the Saltarelle. Conor started out on the B/C, but since he took up the C#/D he hasn't looked back.]

Keane, McDonagh, Griffin
Conor Keane, here with Johnnie "Ringo" McDonagh and Kevin Griffin, at the Ardilaun Hotel, Galway, July 1993.

Keane, Willie Clancy Summer School 1997
Conor Keane, teaching his group at the Willie Clancy School 1997, on the one sunny day we had.

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