Jackie Daly.

Jackie Daly, like Mairtin was once a member of De Danann. He also worked with Buttons & Bows, Patrick Street and Arcady. He recorded 2 solo albums, of which his earliest, in the Topic "Music of Sliabh Luchra" series, is considered a classic by most. On this album, he pioneers the almost-dry box sound, which many have taken up after him. His 2nd solo album, "Domhnach is Dalach/Many's a Wild Night", is much more recent (1995), and shows how his style has developed (changed ?) to a more staccato playing style.
He has also made 2 pretty good duet albums; "Eavesdropper" with Kevin Burke, and "Jackie Daly agus Seamus Creagh" with Seamus Creagh.
Like many others, Jackie nowadays plays a Saltarelle box.

Daly at Harcourt Hotel #1 Daly at Harcourt Hotel #2
Jackie Daly playing with Matt Cranich at the Harcourt Hotel, Dublin, July 1991.

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