Playing the bouzouki in DAD tuning.

Chords for DAD tuning.

This page is dedicated to the original Greek 6-string bouzouki tuning, DAd, that is sometimes, and very specifically by Alec Finn of De Dannan, used for Irish music also.

I have now compiled a first chord chart for this tuning, which is available in 3 formats:

Plain text:
This gives per line the fingerings and corresponding note names, makes an attempt to name the chord, and occasionally a remark on usage. [I plan to make these usage notes available in extended form, right here in this page, soon.]
This gives chord diagrams for all the chords. Of course it does not contain all the remarks and annotations that the text version has, but it's a lot easier to read.
To use the PostScript file you either need a PostScript printer, or the GhostScript software, which lets you print PostScript on most other printers.
Adobe .PDF format:
For those who already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, the chord diagram files are now also available in .PDF format.

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