10-String bouzouki (Cittern ?) by Dan Dubowski, 2001.

This 10-string bouzouki (cittern ?) was made for me by Dan Dubowski, 2001.
It is his first bouzouki with a bridge/tailpiece construction, though the rest of the design is quite similar to the pin bridge bouzouki that is featured prominently in his web site (http://www.dandubowski.com/).
The neck is a 2-piece mahogany, fairly slim, and has an adjustable (through the soundhole) trussrod. Width at the nut is 42mm.
The fretboard is ebony, and is plain except for the 3 MOP dots inlaid at the 12th fret, with a brass circle around the middle one.

The instrument features a spruce top, with a fairly big, round soundhole which is trimmed with a ring of Blackwood enclosed in alternating black/white stripes. There is a transparant pickguard next to the soundhole to protect the top in the picking area.
The top and back are bound with a strip of dark wood (rosewood ?) with alternating stripes of black/white along the inside.

Back and sides of the instrument are made of Tasmanian Blackwood. This wood, which like Koa is of the Acacia family of trees, is highly figured in a maple-like stripe pattern.

The instrument is fitted with gold-plated Gotoh mini tuners with ebony knobs, which reduces weight and adds a nice contrast to the head itself (Blackwood veneer) and the gold of the tuners. Unfortunately, the tuners themselves are not the greatest - there is slack in quite a few of them. So I'll probably someday replace them with Schallers.
The back of the head is also veneered, but with a darker wood - possibly rosewood.
The head, which is designed to have minimal excess wood around the tuners, is inlaid with an elegant letter 'D' (for Dubowski, of course) in MOP. The nut, quite uniquely, is also MOP. And so is the saddle, which sits on a base of ebony.

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